What Dog Owners Should Know About Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury

If your dog is favoring a hind limb, they may have a condition affecting their knee. Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury is one of the most common causes of dogs’ hind limb lameness. Our Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital team is committed to getting your dog back on all four paws as soon as possible. Learn [...]

How In-House Diagnostics Benefit Your Pet

A fully outfitted in-house veterinary diagnostic center provides numerous benefits to you and your pet. Having diagnostic testing capabilities in house allows our veterinarians to diagnose and treat your four-legged friend’s condition much more quickly than sending samples to an outside laboratory, while saving you time and money. When your pet is ill or injured, [...]

Accept No Substitutes—Xylitol Toxicosis in Dogs

Xylitol may be a sweet and safe sugar alternative for people, but the substance has downright sour effects on dogs. As xylitol use in everything from candy and snack foods, to shampoo and clothing, is increasing, the number of dogs suffering from xylitol toxicosis (i.e., poisoning) is rising. To raise awareness, the Scripps Ranch Veterinary [...]

A Two-Pronged Approach To Pet Dental Care

You care about your pet and do everything you can to ensure they enjoy a happy, healthy life. Keeping your pet healthy means attending to all of their body’s needs, from nose to tail, but one area is often overlooked—can you guess? Hint—when was the last time you lifted your pet’s lip and looked inside [...]

Kicking Off the New Year with Resolutions for Your Pet

The ball has dropped and you likely have toasted the New Year and made some self improvement resolutions. Such pledges can also benefit your pet—and you still have time. Our Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital team wants your pet’s 2023 to be happy and healthy, so we suggest New Year’s resolutions that will help improve your [...]

Avoid These 7 Pet Holiday Mishaps

You likely have a lot on your mind this holiday season. However, remember to consider the hazards your pet may face once the festivities are in full swing. While you are baking cookies, attending parties, and finding the best gifting deals, your pet could get in trouble. Yes, the holidays can be hectic, but you [...]

Vaccinating Your Pet to Prevent Disease

Vaccinations are an important part of your pet’s preventive health care plan, and the most cost effective way to protect your pet against many diseases. Our Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital team explains the importance of keeping your pet’s vaccines up to date, and the diseases that vaccinations help prevent. Why should I vaccinate my pet? [...]

Why Does My Healthy Pet Need Regular Wellness Screenings?

Regular wellness screenings are an important part of pet preventive health, and they help our veterinarians detect underlying diseases before your pet shows outward illness signs. Our Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital team offers some case examples that will help explain how your pet can benefit from these proactive visits. Case #1: Leo, a 4-year-old Doberman [...]

How To Assess Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

As our pets age, we think about the impending reality of our lives without them. Many of us push away these thoughts, but as a responsible and compassionate pet owner, you should learn to recognize your pet’s discomfort, pain, and suffering signs. In addition to being veterinary professionals, our Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital team members [...]

5 Myths About Arthritis in Pets

Many people think it’s normal for a senior pet to have difficulty getting up, tire easily, and appear stiff when they walk. While senior pets do tend to move more slowly, it’s not always because of their age—it actually may be a sign of arthritis. Arthritis is a common condition in pets and can affect [...]

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