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Advice for Senior Pet Owners

Aging pets face issues including arthritis-induced mobility problems, vision and hearing loss, and a predisposition to disease, but the appropriate care can prolong their well-being, and their life. Our team at Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital wants to offer advice, to help you care for your senior pet. Senior pets need more frequent veterinary visits Regular [...]

Are Chew Toys Safe for Your Pet?

When you leave your four-legged friend behind while you go to work or run errands, you may toss them a chew toy on your way out the door. But, when you’re treating your pet with new toys, are you sure they are safe? Many popular pet chews pose a health risk, so follow the Scripps [...]

911! 10 Pet Emergencies That Require Urgent Care

If your pet develops a sudden limp, or seems uninterested in their food, you no doubt become worried, and may consider a trip to an emergency veterinary hospital in the middle of the night. However, not all pet issues are cause for immediate concern, and less urgent problems can be treated at the next available [...]

Lifestyles of the Healthy and Vaccinated Pet

Your pet may not have champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but you still want them to thrive and prosper. Our team at Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital would like to stress the importance of regularly vaccinating your pet, to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Every pet is different, and not every pet needs every vaccine, [...]

Christmas in July—5 Cool(ing) Gifts For Your Dog This Summer

Your dog called the team at Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital—which, you will probably be surprised to learn, is not uncommon. Once pets realize how well our team understands them, we become a regular pet telegram service.  This time, the call was to tell us how uncomfortable your dog can get during the warm summer months, [...]

10 Tips to Keep Your Cat’s Conduct Compliant

Your cat’s behavior is sometimes a mystery, and you are upset by their recent refusal to follow house rules. Since cats can be a conundrum, the team at Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital thought getting a veteran house cat’s view on the situation would be helpful. We enlisted Tammy the Tabby to provide insight on issues [...]

Take A Walk On The Wildside With Your Pet

Your pet is the most curious critter—no detail is too small for them to investigate. The great outdoors provides a plethora of opportunities to sniff new and exciting objects, and to encounter some wild creatures who could pose a threat to your beloved pet. The team at Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital wants to educate you [...]

An Insider’s Look: Heartworm Disease and Prevention In Pets

During your pet’s annual wellness visit, we know we discuss many important topics that are essential for keeping your furry pal happy and healthy for years to come. Although we are familiar with these subjects, we understand that most pet owners can be overwhelmed with vaccinations, screening tests, parasite prevention, and other preventive care topics—after [...]

Pet-Proof Your Home to Avoid Pet Toxins

Your pet’s health and well-being depends on you providing a pet-safe home environment. The Scripps Ranch Veterinary Hospital team has compiled a handy reference of common pet toxins, with links for further details, to help you pet-proof your home. National Pet Poison Prevention week is March 21 to 27, making this the perfect time to [...]

Dental Disease: One Dog’s Story

Imagine how your mouth would look and feel if you never brushed your teeth or went to the dentist. Dental disease is the most common health problem in pets, and causes chronic pain and illness in most pets older than 3 years of age. We interviewed Oscar, a 9-year-old dachshund, about his dental disease, his [...]

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